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Mum and I had a successful trip to Manchester on Tuesday, and I'd like to go back and explore a bit more when I have a little more time, there were lots of interesting things to see and do. The place was full of Celtic fans who were going to the testimonial match that night, the most extraordinary thing was a guy in a green "red indian" outfit! We walked to the far end of Manchester Piccadilly station only to discover that our train had just been cancelled so we had to walk all the way back, to catch the other train. The other train goes via Stockport,(and quite a number of other somewhat obscure places), it's route is far more scenic than the one we had planned to take, but also more than half an hour longer. It employs some old rolling stock which strongly resembles an old fashioned corporation bus, but it wasn't that bad really and it was fun listening to all the disgruntled passengers who had planned to catch the faster train rather than the cattle truck!

Wednesday flew by with Little Fishes and housegroup both filling my time. I managed to survive Fishes this week without being wrapped in tin foil or turning green,but I did have a few letters and things to deliver afterwards, so that kept me busy.

Yesterday was quite productive, though without much notable event except for a a very pleasant morning spent drinking coffee with Angela. Today I'll be off to Coffee Plus soon, and then after lunch I'll be going with Mum to look at a new car she's considering buying. I also need to print a whole lot of stuff and need to spend some time doing that this afternoon.
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