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We had an early start yesterday to get Chris to school before 7am to set off on his trip to France and a little later Matthew set off on his trip to Poland. Once they were both safely on their way, I caught a bus to Heswall with Mum who wanted to buy me some new clothes so that I will look respectable when we go to Switzerland. I got two very nice skirts and some tops to match. I had lunch with Mum at her place before coming home.

In the evening I went out collecting Christian Aid envelopes with my friend Heather in Spital, meanwhile David went up to the rectory for his first confirmation class.

Today Ian and I are going away, to take advantage of our free night at a hotel, courtesy of Asda. We'll be back tomorrow sometime. David is going to help out with the tech side of things at a Pathies sleepover at a farm while we are gone!
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