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It's been an interesting week, in a good way. It's been much busier than I anticipated, and looks all set to carry on that way for a while. The Pentecost party, my trip to Switzerland and other events are drawing closer at an alarming rate, there is a lot to get done and not too much time. Not that I'm complaining about that, it's probably the first time I've really felt busy since arriving back in the UK, and it's really good to have a bit of preesure and some deadlines to work to, I prefer that to just drifting through life.

We had a good session of Fishes on Wednesday and a successful housegroup meeting in the evening. Yesterday we went to an Ascension day service in the morning, followed by coffee with Steve. Mum was round in the afternoon for coffee and to chat about our trip to Switzerland. In the evening we went to hear the Blagovest Ensemble, a group of professional singers from St Petersburg. There are only six of them and they sing unaccompanied. Reading this beforehand I feared it might be a little dull, or lacking in variety, but in the event they were utterly amazing. Each of them had really beautiful, full distinctive voices, and they worked so well as a group it was as if they were one extraorinary musical instrument. They produced an astounding variation of mood, volume and tone, and so obviously received the greatest pleasure from singing their songs together. It really was amazing, if they ever perform near you, don't miss the chance to hear them!
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