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Half term

It's half term here, and overall it's been a peaceful sort of week. On Monday Mum came round for tea and we had a nice shepherd's pie, I also managed to sort out a heap of laundry. On Tuesday morning I popped up to the church office to sort out the printing of some tickets and a few other matters concerning WWW (Won World Weekend - 7th - 9th July). In the afternoon I went round to Kathryn and Laurence's place and stayed there for tea.

Yesterday we went to see the movie of the da Vinci Code. I really enjoyed the movie, but I didn't find that it raised the sort of questions in my mind that I thought it might, although very good theatrically, I just didn't find it at all believeable, or even thought provoking in terms of oppression that the church has inflicted over the years. The film seemed to me to have nothing to do with belief, only "the teacher" seemed to actually feel strongly about the issues, everyone else in the movie was largely motivated by other things, power, money, reputation, maybe Silas was the exception to that, I'm not sure. I think I really ought to read the book, (which has been waiting for me to get round to it for weeks) so that I get a clearer picture. I think it is really interesting that people have been so motivated by stories about the Holy Grail over the years, the Legends of King Arthur, The Dark is Rising series, Indians Jones, many more too, why is it so fascinating? We had a lovely meal at Frankie and Benny's afterwards too.

I have to go to the dentist soon, we have an Asda order being delivered this afternoon too, I want to pop round to Mum's later as well. My case is packed for Switzerland except for last minute things, and we're organised for decorating the church on Saturday ready for the Pentecost Party. So I think everything is under control for now...
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