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Lake Geneva and St Gingolph

There was a market in Vevey today, where there was a great selection of fruit and vegetables. While we were wandering through the back streets back to the hotel we came to this very unusual church, don't know what it's called or even what denomination it is!

The main event of the day was a trip on a paddle steamer on Lake Geneva. The boat in question looked like this.

We passesd a museum that looked like a castle and a castle that looked like a castle!

We also had some spectacular views of mountains

We got off the boat at St Gingolph, a pretty village but undistiguished except for the fact that the Swiss/French border runs right through the middle of it. So we saw a chapel and drank coffee in Switzerland

Before wandering along the street and seeing this pretty boat and eating icecream in France

As you will gather border security is very tight there!

Finally for today a picture of the lovely carousel in Vevey


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Jun. 11th, 2006 11:16 am (UTC)
Oh Viv, *sigh* those pics are just so beautiful, I stared and stared at them and had a strong desire to just run away and travel the world!! Thanks again for sharing such beautiful pics. I love the castle (the real one) and the mysterious church, and the carousel is one of those things you don't see around here.

Actually none of it is like you'd see around here, huh. Except the mountains.

Thanks. That was just wonderful.
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