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Le Rocher de Naye and Cully

Today we were out early on a train trip up to Le Rocher de Naye, high up in the mountains. It is a rack and pinion railway and the views from the top are truly spectacular.

On the way down we got off the train at Glion, where we saw this beautiful panorama of Chateau Chillon and Lake Geneva.

We travelled the rest of the way down on a funicular railway. At the bottom there was a beautiful rose garden and a magnicent fountain.

We had an ice cream as we walked along the lakeside at Montreux and then caught the trolley bus back to the hotel.

Later I caught a train to a village called Cully, where there was a lovely quiet little church where I spent a bit of time.

There were lots of vineyards surroundingthe village and it was very pretty.

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