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Chess and Toastmasters

School was fairly uneventful yesterday, Miss Anderson was away so Mrs Fisher was relieving in room 3. I took Chris up to GKP at lunchtime after gym. I picked up all my papers for the Board meeting tonight on my way back to Stokes Valley. Then I had a quiet afternoon followed by a busy Study Centre session. After thatI picked up Matthew and we headed out to Mirimar where the chess tournament was happening.
The primary team from GKP didn't do too well, though Chris managed three wins, two draws and only one loss, the rest of his team didn't do so well.
The Intermediate age team did very well finishing second to Wellesley in a very hard contested match, with the result being in doubt right up to the last game.
I gave Mark and his Dad a ride back to Woburn Station and then dropped the boys at home. I arrived at Toastmasters at 8.30pm towards the end of the first half and took the opportunity to pay my semi annuals which will be due while I am away.
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