Viv (vivh) wrote,


Spent good part of day sorting out raffle tickets and making a list of people who needed to be contacted to remind them to return tickets. Then spent ages making phone calls for the above. John came round to play with Chris after school. Then we had the storytelling concert. It took place at the Hutt Repertory Theatre. Fifteen children took part and all received a certificate and a chocolate bar for performing. About seven of the children did very well, the others rather less so. Both Matthew and Christopher performed very well and I would say both stand a chance of being selected to perform in the Masterton Festival, though Chris was much younger than the other participants and this may count against him.
Matthew also had another "speaking engagement" yesterday, being one of the students selected to host the school's end of term assembly. I wasn't there but apparently he did a very good job and his form teacher was moved to tears by his performance! - was it really that bad!!!
Oh well that's all for now, I need to get down to the serious business of building a (virtual) Egyptian city!
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