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A year on

Well today is Chris's last day at school and Friday will be Matthew's, the end of their first year in school in England. I'm really aware this week that a year has passed since we arrived here. A lot has happened in that year, though many things I was hoping for haven't yet happened. But the year marks a sort of passing, no longer are we newcomers trying to get settled into a new place, this is our place now and this where our life happens. I think the weekend we have just organised really brought that home to me in a big way. That is both a happy thought and a sad one, amongst the many people who helped this weekend, are some who I think of as good friends now, many of whom I didn't even know a year ago, but other people who I really loved in NZ are fading out of my life because our paths are going in different directions.

In writing this I'm not looking for sympathy nor do I really feel sad, I'm just reflecting on the nature of change, and how very much things can change in a short time. There is more change coming soon, for our church with the departure of Steve and Rachel and eventually the arrival of a new rector, for David reentering fulltime education, for Ian, hopefully starting to work before too long...

Thinking about these things opens a vista of hopes and fears and it's not healthy to dwell on the future or the past for too long. Today there is an end of year party for Little Fishes, this evening John Nyquist is giving the second of his teaching sessions on Discipleship, and I'm doing tea and coffee at the beginning of that session. We have a coffee morning to raise money for Kenya at the church hall on Saturday morning, and there's plenty to do in preparation for that. In a couple of weeks we will be going on holiday, first over to France for a visit to Disneyland Paris, and then the following week spend some time up at Keswick. It should all be lots of fun!


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Jul. 12th, 2006 09:50 am (UTC)
End of year stuff doesn't seem right to me!!

But Viv, I am so glad you have settled, and have a feeling of being settled, even though it is also sad to think that's where you will be for a long time now. I would've loved you to stay here but I knew that wasn't happening even as we met.

I love your joy and enthusiasm for things, and I love the way you give so much of yourself to those around you. And to me. Thank you.
Jul. 16th, 2006 12:31 am (UTC)
Stokes Valley is not the same without you all here and even though I try to move on. One day the wall will get less and I will not struggle to write about here.
It helps seeing your life move on so well.
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