Viv (vivh) wrote,

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Sitting in the sun

I tried to update here and comment earlier but nothing was working properly, but it seems alright now.

The weather here has been gloriously hot for the last week, everyone is complaining, but not me! We went to Birkenhead this afternoon to get some photos printed. On the way home we bought an icecream from Thorntons. When we were waiting for the train I sat down on the platform leaning against a pillar, licking my icecream, the sun hot on my back and a gentle breeze on my face, I closed my eyes and could imagine myself leaning against a palm tree on a tropical island, the next moment I transported myself to to Battery Park looking out at the Statue of Liberty, then to Lake Geneva on a hot summers day. It was really lovely, couldn't have been nicer... don't know what the other travellers thought, don't much care! But give me a hot sun and a cool breeze and I would be happy any where!
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