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E.R.O. and the Olympics

It was an early start with Ian going into town for a Toastmasters event. I took the boys up to GKP before a pretty uneventful morning at school.I went round to Sandra's house for lunch, cheese and pineapple toasted sandwiches, which was very pleasant then it was time to collect the boys from GKP. I popped into GKP to say hello to their new teacher who started today because their previous teacher has gone on a big O.E.
Then it was back up to Stokes Valley for Study Centre where I was filling in because the teacher who was supposed to be on duty was away sick.
Due to my increasing weariness and the diminishing availability of time I opted to get some curry for tea which was delicious and revived my energy! Then it was off to the Board meeting at Avalon Intermediate which was pretty quiet given that it was our last meeting before ERO arrive to inspect the school next Monday. The meeting finished reasonably early so I shot up to Upper Hutt where I managed to catch the tail end of the youth leaders meeting which was happening at Raewyn's place. When I arrived home I was surprised to find Ian still up. I watched some volley ball and some diving before retiring to bed.
Today our school is going up to Kamahi School for a mock Olympics games,which probably won't be much fun because there is a strong southerly blowing and it's freezing outside!
The boys are off to Victoria University today to set up their science fair projects.
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