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Home again

Well here we are back in Bromborough after a straightforward journey home from Keswick. It was a strange sort of week we had there, mainly because of the weather, but I'm glad we went, I enjoyed the parts of the convention that we managed to get to, and when we weren't walking or getting wet or both, we had a very relaxing time. Highlights for me included an excellent curry, the trip on the lake, spending a whole wet afternoon doing a jigsaw without interruption and the worship on the last evening of the convention.

The weather precluded taking too many photos, but of course I took a few!

Here is the road at the start of our 45 minute walk into Keswick from the cottage:

It started to pour again about ten minutes after I took this photo, but Wednesday was really dry and sunny, so here are some of the photos I took during the boat trip on Wednesday afternoon.

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