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It's been a quiet few days here. We went to church as usual on Sunday, I ended up singing in music group on Sunday because only the pianist had turned up and she didn't really want to lead by herself. We went to Mum's for lunch that day too, which was nice.

We went round to sheaj34's place for coffee yeasterday and shared our photos of recent trips away, and had a good chat. Other than that, it's been a time of washing clothes and trying to stop my garden turning into a wilderness. Both feel like endless jobs, because people will keep on wearing clothes and the plants just keep on growing!!!

When I posted some pictures of Derwent Water recently, takahe commented that British Lakes and scenery are different to NZ lakes and scenery, that is true, but it set me wondering if you can tell approximately where a photo was taken just by looking at the flora and landforms. I suspect you probably can, I know French fields look different to English fields, and that Switzerland has quite distinctive scenery too. North American landscapes are very easy to distinguish from European ones, yet in each case the distinctions are quite subtle, easier to recognise than to quantify or define.
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