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Yesterday morning I went up to the church hall and had coffee with a load of other people there. It was great to catch up on everybody's news during the holidays and hear what everyone has been up to. The older children who were there, all decided to put on a couple of shows for the adults, mostly chaotic but all good fun, two year old Sophie completely stole the show though, by standing looking incredibly cute at the front of the stage!

After lunch we went to see Steve to talk about his website, which was good. Later in the day the whole family went over to the Stott's place for tea, where we had a lovely lasagne accompanied by elderberry wine, something I hadn't had for a long time. There were brownies and lots of summer fruits after too. It was really a very pleasant evening, though the weather outside was far from pleasant, very wet, but rather muggy.

In other exciting news we finally received the long promised brown bins for garden waste, part of Wirral's plan to remove itself from the bottom of the "environmentally friendly councils" list, but we still can't use the bins until September 26th!

This morning Ian and I have been out for a prayer meeting at Harry and Viv's place, they are going out to Tanzania in October, and preparations are well under way. Later we'll all be going round to Angela's for Ben's party.
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