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This week just seems to be flying by. Last night we had some friends, Chris and Mike over for dinner. We had a really enjoyable time, even if we did end up discussing Star Wars for a long time! Today I went to see Jill, an older lady from church, with Margaret. Jill is in respite care for about ten days while her sister who she lives with is on holiday. We had a lovely chat and coffee with her. This evening we went out for a prayer meeting, but when we got there the lady whose house we were expecting to meet in wasn't there, so we moved the meeting to the church hall and had it there instead, I think there was a little confusion about the meeting date, but never mind!!!

Tomorrow GCSE results come out, and although we're not expecting any results David will need to contact the school to confirm that he still wants the place he's been offered inthe sixth form.

We also have Ian and Debbi coming round for dinner tomorrow night and I'm still trying to decide what I will cook for them!

In other news I completely changed the way my website looks today, so if you'd like to see my new look website click here:
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