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Yesterday I went to Asda to buy some groceries while Ian and David went up to the Grammar School to confirm David's place. Mum came round for a coffee in the afternoon, and then Ian and Debbi came round for a meal, which was lovely, a very pleasant evening.

Today I went up to the church hall for coffee with Julienne, Rachel and Chris. After the train I planned to catch was cancelled, I ended up walking half the way to church, before Chris gave me a lift the rest of the way. Chris and I popped in to have a chat with Steve while we were there.

After lunch Kathryn phoned and I went round to her place for the afternoon. On the way there I bumped into a lady called Barbara who I hadn't met for a while, and had a nice chat.

Tonight is a quiet evening at home, but I think I need to make some cards later this evening, because there are a couple of thanksgivings for babies I know at church in the next couple of weeks...
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