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Yesterday was a day awash with coffee! I went and drank coffee in the morning with Angela, before the rest of my family were properly awake. Then I came home for lunch (and coffee) before going round to Kathryn's in the afternoon (and drinking more coffee). Actually it was a really pleasant day, coffee and good company, what more could any one want? (Must do something about my caffeine addiction though!!)

Today we (Ian, David and I) were up early and accompanied Mum and her suitacase to Lime Street Station (where we paused for a coffee!) We returned home via Aldi in New Ferry where I picked up a few groceries. This afternoon I want to go to Birkenhead to do the "back to school" shopping for the boys.

Now it's nearly time for lunch (and a cup of coffee), so perhaps we better get Matthew out of bed!!!
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