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I've come here to update a couple of times in the last few days but then thought of more pressing things I needed to do and abandonned the attempt. But I think I've finally caught up with myself so here I am. Now there's so much to report since I last posted an entry.

On Friday there was coffee with friends round at Amanda's place, and it was great to hear all about people's holidays and their plans for the weeks ahead. In the evening Ian and I went over to Heswall with Julienne and some friends to hear a band called the Nissens who were playing to raise money for the group from church who are going out to Kenya to build houses later in the month.

Saturday started extremely damp and blustery and rather late, due to our late return the previous evening. The day did brighten up later and we popped round to Mum's place to check all was well there. I also recall spending inordinate amounts of time doing things to newsletters, websites etc!!

Sunday was a long day, it was Steve's last Sunday and Ian and I attended three services!! The boys joined us for the evening service, and stayed for Steve and Rachel's farewell do afterwards. All went very well, the services were good and very positve, not at all sad or regretful. The farewell was just hilarious, though the whole thing would have been baffling for any one who didn't know Steve! They will be in Canada by now, and very, very tired I would imagine!

Yesterday I went shopping in Bromborough Village in the morning, and then wandered round Bebington in the afternoon delivering cards and bins to people! In the evening we had a music meeting which was both productive and enjoyable.

Today Mum gets back from holiday so I'll be meeting her at the station, David has a half day up at school and we have an Asda order being delivered soon. Tomorrow morning every one will be back at school with all the chaos that this entails. The holidays are over... where did all the time go?


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Sep. 5th, 2006 10:21 am (UTC)
An autumn leaf. I like it. I can't believe your summer holidays are over. I guess that means mine are so much closer LOL!

What are you doing delivering bins to people? Are they your recycling ones?

And I'm glad your minister had a rollicking farewell. It sounds like he deserved it. I hope you get a good replacement there. I am picking that you'll still do his website?
Sep. 5th, 2006 10:48 am (UTC)
What are you doing delivering bins to people?

Well strictly speaking there was only one bin, a small blue one, which I bought for a friend! A strange present you might think, but they told me they needed a small bin with a lid that would stay open while you used it, (I won't go into the reasons here), and they couldn't find one! Yesterday when I was shopping I spotted a small blue bin that fitted the description perfectly, sitting in the bargain basket! It was very grubby looking but it was only £2 so I bought it and brought it home and washed it, then delivered it to my friend!

And I'm glad your minister had a rollicking farewell
Yes I'm glad it was a happy event, I've been to some very miserable farewell events in the past. I think Steve was keen not to have to think too much about leaving because he had to keep it together to say goodbye to so many people! He refused to say goodbye to us and just said he'd email soon!!
He probably won't as he's now in Canada for nearly 4 weeks, but I am carrying on looking after his website so I will hear from him sometime!!
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