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Today passed very swiftly and I don't seem to have achieved much really. I've been to two services at church, helped Ian with a website, played in music group, printed some pictures and then, unhappy with the results of some, replaced them with handdrawn pictures, I've been given a large bag of courgettes, I've cooked lunch and chatted to lots of people. I've wondered how a song which we haven't sung for ages gets chosen independently by two different people to be played at both the morning and evening services, I've talked and I've listened lots...

Now I'm left wondering about how I failed to get the laundry done, the symbolism of eagles and the impossibility of describing God!! I think an early night may be in order! Tomorrow is another day, and one in which Ian and I are going to venture out to Bescar Lane to get him some robes for the service when he will be licensed as a reader in the Diocese of Chester next month - that promises to be an interesting trip. Doubtless I'll write about it some time. We also have a sixth form parents evening to attend at Wirral tomorrow night - I can't wait!!!
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