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The Adventure

Yesterday we went to buy clerical robes for Ian's licensing service next month.

We set off about 9am and walked to the station where we caught the train as far as Moorfields, in central Liverpool. There we cahanged onto a northern line train as far as Southport. There we had a short wait before catching a train heading to Manchester Victoria, however we were only travelling as far as Bescar Lane. Bescar Lane is a rural station surrounded by fields. We crossed the level crossing and headed down Bescar Lane and then up Bescar Brow Lane to reach the Southport Road. The walk took about half an hour, but was pleasant as the weather was warm and sunny, the roads were quiet and the hedgerows were lovely, very English, with Hawthorn hedges, foxgloves, plaintains, willlowherb, wild barley and the like, lots of beautiful butterflies too, especially tortoiseshells. Care was required though, due to the large number of stinging nettles and brambles growing in the hedgerow. The shop we were looking for was called Ormsby's, a drab looking building, rather dusty and low grade industrial in appearance, this [partly being the result of them being monumental masons as well as church outfitters. Ian was able to puchase evrything he required, and then we had lunch at a very pretty, flower bedecked pub called Mater McGraths, across the road from the shop. I had a chicken breast with caesar salad and garlic mushrooms, which was very tasty indeed. Then it was time to head back home via the same route as the outward journey.

We arrived home at about 4pm, in time to catch our breath and eat some tea before heading out to a sixthform meeting at the Grammar School with David.

This morning Ian tried on all the robes so for any one who's interested

As our church doesn't robe much these garments won't see much action except at "Readers services" at the cathedral, but for me, it brings back memories of our time in Sheldon and Mahora when he used to dress up like a penguin alot!!
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