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It's been a busy second half of the week, Little Fishes and housegroup on Wednesday, a trip to Liverpool, coffee with Mum and the PA AGM on Thursday, Coffee Plus and various events for the boys on Friday. Today Ian and I are supposed to be going out for lunch at a friends place, so I've left a chicken I roasted last night in the fridge for the boys to have for lunch.

During the last week or so I have realised that we are no longer newcomers here, I no longer find everything strange and different, many things are familiar, I know the ropes and others are starting to look to me for advice. I think that comes, at least in part, from being here over a year and being able to look back and say remember last year, when we...

During the last week or so, there has been a lot of sadness and bad news too, not for me personally, but for people I know here, a fatal car crash, seriously ill relatives and struggles with personal health...I can't share about those things here, they are too private, but I was reflecting that a year ago I scarcely knew any of the people involved, now I know them well, perhaps it is that more than anything which makes you feel as though you really belong in a place.
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