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This and that.

Yesterday we went to Ted and Brenda's for lunch. There were twelve people there, including Amy Haigh, who is a missionary in Antofagasta Chile, back in England for two weeks leave. Ian and I both know her from our teenage years at church and it was really great to catch up with her and hear all her news. She is off again this afternoon to Oxford, and then back to Chile on Wednesday. The group from our church who are going to Kenya will also be travelling right now so our thoughts are with them too.

Today we have been to church and will probably be setting off there again before too long. The service this morning went well, despite some minor frustrations with sound and things.(We miss Steve for sorting those things out)Colin preached a good sermon all about turning water into wine. David broke his bow at archery this afternoon so I don't know what we are going to do about that. Time for a cup of coffee before we need to leave I think. Sadly the sunny morning has deteriorated into a gloomy, drizzly evening. Luckily the washing managed to dry before the rain set in.
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