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Well here I am at the end of another week, there's a lasagne in the oven, some trousers waiting to be ironed and a bag half packed in the hallway. It's been quite a quiet day today though the rest of the week has been busy. And tomorrow evening I'm off for a weekend in Shropshire with some ladies from church, mostly people I know from Coffee Plus but a few extras as well, about 17 of us in total,(hence the making of late evening lasagne and half packed bag), coming back Sunday afternoon some time. I won't be online while I'm there, but it's not for long so I doubt you'll even notice I'm gone!

Tomorrow I will also be going to Coffee Plus in the morning, popping to the rectory to pick up some cds, and then posting them off to Canada.I think I'll need to sort some laundry too, otherwise the morning room may disappear under a pile of clean clothes waiting to be sorted while I'm away!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!!
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