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Letter meme

moth1 gave me the letter A. Now you comment and I’ll give you a letter and then you have to list ten things you love that begin with that letter.

  1. Avocados - one of my favourite things to put in a salad, probably not the healthiest, but definitely one of the tastiest. They are really good with mayonnaise and prawns too.
  2. Africa - I've only spent a couple of weeks in Africa but would love to spend longer, I want to go to Egypt and Kenya, lots of other countries too.
  3. Art - I like looking at art, I like painting too.
  4. Angela - My best friend from school days, back living round the corner again, after years of being apart.
  5. St Andrews Anglican Church - My first church and my current church, my faith is inportant to me, so my church is too. It's not important that it is Anglican, I just thought I'd mention that because I'm doing "a"s!!
  6. Activity - I really like to be busy, the busier the better!
  7. Arthurian Legend - I have always been fascinated by legends about Arthur, I'm also quite interested in Aztec mythology!
  8. Air Travel - I love to travel, any form of transport is fine with me, but planes take you further faster than anything else.
  9. Algebra - Believe it or not I really enjoy algebra, most kinds of maths actually!!
  10. Anaheim - I've been there many times, and every trip to Disneyland is special, I'll never tire of it!!!
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