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Not a meme

Well I've posted a couple of memes this week, but not much else, and I don't think I have the energy to search my memory and record the events of the week in an orderly fashion, so instead some random points of varying importance and interest:

  • Almost everything I had organised for this week has been cancelled, reorganised or postponed in some way!
  • Despite the above it has been a busy, happy and productive week.
  • Ian went to Birmingham yesterday and is going to Manchester today.
  • It has rained lots this week and I have a lot of wet clothes I need to dry!
  • It has rained lots this week (see above) and I got really soaked in a shower yesterday.
  • I have spent a lot of time thinking about Church organs this week!!
  • The first nuthatch visited out bird feeder this morning which means autumn must really be here!
  • I have spent more time cleaning someone else's house than my own this week!
  • David spent half an hour killing wasps which have made a nest in our air vent yeaterday evening, wasp activity much reduced this morning, but may need another spray tonight!

Well that sort of brings things up to date, normal service will be resumed shortly!!!

Meanwhile here is a painting I did sometime in the last week
Well two actually:

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