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On Wednesday I went to Little Fishes where the photographer was visiting, so all the children were dressed up in their best clothes for the photo opportunity. So we got out the paints... No, not really, we iced biscuits instead, but it was very tempting!! Ian got back from Manchester where he had been talking to a recruiter in time for tea, and then we were out again. We popped into the rectory to pick up some cds, Steve and Rachel finally move to Manchester this morning, I'll be thinking of them today, they have so much to do. After seeing them, we went to the hall where there was a prayer meeting. It wasn't the most peaceful meeting ever, as there were three meetings all trying to take place at the same time and although there is plenty of room at the hall, there had been a certain lack of communication, which resulted in a significant amount of chaos and confusion!!

Yesterday we went to Birkenhead to buy some card and envelopes, to make invitations to Ian's licensing next Saturday,we also bought some distilled vinegar! I went to Kathryn's place on the way home, and stayed for coffee and conversation about all sorts of things. When I got home I raced to get a card in the post in time for the 5.15pm collection. After tea I went to a Tearfund meeting over in Greasby with Margaret.

This morning the weather is still dull and damp, and I am still struggling to dry my laundry, (I miss that tumble dryer!) but I will get there in the end! Despite the weather, I'm looking forward to Coffee Plus this morning, and more coffee with sheaj34 in the afternoon.
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