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Oh dear, I don't seem to have written much here recently! We had really enjoyable night out at the Bromborough British Legion on Saturday night, it was a farewell and fundraiser for our friends Viv and Harry who are going out to Tanzania this weekend. The event raised a decent amount, over a thousand pounds, there was a good band and we danced alll night, well I did, I don't think ringbark danced much at all!

Next weekend is really busy, we are off to Manchester for Steve's induction service at Platt next Friday and Ian is being licensed as a Reader in the Diocese of Chester on Saturday, and we have invited everybody to our place for drinks and nibbles afterwards, so I have no idea how many will come!!!

In other news I have managed to get some laundry dry and the house needs lots of attention before I'm ready to entertain large (or even small) numbers of people!
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