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Lots happening...

Well there's a lot happening at the moment:

Good news

  • Ian had an interview in London today and has another in Nottingham tomorrow.
  • We will be meeting up in Manchester for Steve's induction tomorrow evening.
  • I've done all the shopping I need to for Saturday when everyone is invited round after Ian's licensing.
  • I listened to the brand new Chris De Burgh CD which was delivered yesterday.
  • A lovely postcard of NZ bush arrived in the post today! Thank you takahe

Bad news

  • Despite much better weather my washing still did not all get dry today!
  • A wasp stung me today!
  • My fridge is so full that it will require a full scale excavation in order to find the butter for breakfast in the morning :(

Still to do

  • Prepare a bible study for Coffee Plus tomorrow morning
  • Make prayer cards for our friends Viv and Harry
  • A card to deliver
  • Lunch with Mum tomorrow
  • Chris's games kit to get dry before the morning
  • Tidy the bits of the house I haven't got to yet!!!
  • Other various bits and pieces which undoubtedly will take longer than anticipated, and I've got a sunrise I want to paint..
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