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Still raining

On Monday morning I had the powhiri to welcome the ERO team to AIS then we had to hang around until 10 o'clock when they were ready to meet with up. The meeting was okay, and I managed to get back to Stokes Valley in time for reading after morning tea. In the afternoon we had the school Olympics (All events held indoors!). We had flag carriers for each country and Chris was chosen to read the competitors oath, which he did very well. It was all fun even though I was in charge of the bean bag throw!
On Monday evening I organised an evening of impromptu debates at our Toastmasters' meeting, this went well and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Matthew came along and got the chance to debate too, he did very well.
Tuesday morning was very ordinary but in the afternoon I went up to GKP where all was mad action trying to finish the displays for Inventions Evening. We did manage to get everyone finished though it was a very close run thing.
In the evening I went out with some friends from church for a coffee in Upper Hutt which was extremely pleasant.
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