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End of Autumn

Monday was a lovely day, glorious weather and pleasant company. I had coffee with sheaj34 in the morning and we had a good chat, she also gave me her "piece of art" which shows she knows me very well! From there I went straight to Chris's house for our bible study which went really well. On the way home I took this photo, because the world was looking so lovely and I just wanted to capture the light!!

Yesterday was much more mixed weatherwise, with sunshine and showers and a biting cold wind, the first day that really felt wintry. Despite that I had a great time shopping with Mum in Liverpool in the morning, we stayed in town for lunch too.

In the evening Ian, David and I braved the wind again to give out bags of sweets/lollies in the annual treat no trick thing in the roads around our church. It was fun, if rather chilly and well worth for the delight and amazement of people who find they're being given something rather than asked for something on Halloween night!
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