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Finally, LJ is back online at a time when I actually have some time available, which it wasn't yesterday!!

On Friday night we walked to the Tedstone's Farm for the church firework/bonfire event. It's a good 40 minute walk each way there, but it was a lovely clear night and I enjoyed the walk. The event itself was enjoyable. It included David dressed as Robin Hood firing a flaming arrow at the bonfire. This was only partially successful, although David's shot was excellent, right on target,the arrow went out midflight so failed to light the bonfire, luckily they had a plan B!! There was a roaring bonfire and a decent display of fireworks, followed by warm drinks and hotdogs, and lots of good conversation, altogether very satisfactory.

Since then I've been shopping in Birkenhead, buying new rugby boots and a hockey stick, produced hundreds of tickets and some posters, been to three services at church and celebrated the All Blacks thrashing England this afternoon!!The fireworks lighting up the skies this evening seemed very appropriate to my mood after watching the game
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