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Just a quick post.

It's been a very busy week so far, at least in part because I am trying to type up the words of nearly 700 hymns and songs into a data base, as well as all the other things I normally do. I knew it was a big job when I said I would do it, but it is very time consuming indeed... I am up to number 95, only another 603 to go.

I have also helped clear rubbish out of Margaret's loft, printed another batch of posters, led a couple of bible studies, had a very productive meeting, had coffee with Kathryn and been to Little Fishes, other things too.

I'm off to Coffee Plus this morning where I'm leading another bible study, and dropping some posters off after that... I hope to see Mum this afternoon and then there is Pathies this evening... ANd I need to do some more typing!!!
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