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We are in Birmingham for the weekend - it's been great, we're in upgraded rooms at the Metropole which were not even paying for (Hilton points!) the first night we had comp champagne and chocolates, last night two bottles of red wine!!! We spent yesterday wandering round Birmingham city centre, strangely familiar yet unfamiliar, after 17 years!! I have some photos which I will post when I get back. Last night we went to the NEC to see Chris de Burgh, he played for 3 hours straight, thirty songs in all, just amazing, even better than he was last time I saw him, (about 18 years ago...) It's been a great weekend, I couldn't be happier! This morning we are off to our old church, St Giles, wonder what that's like now... Then we will be heading back to Wirral, Sunday trains....
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