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Weekend in Birmingham

This entry is for the benefit of those people who wanted a more detailed account of the Chris de Burgh concert but will also contain some photos of our trip for those who might find that more interesting!!

The concert was about three hours long, Chris was singing throughout, over thirty songs, most of the songs from his new album, but a good mix of old favourites too! It started with Chris playing with the band, with lots of video and light effects supporting the songs, then there was a section with Chris singing a few songs solo without the band, then the band came back, and there were more impressive video and lights culminating with a globe floating round the auditorium at the end. I have put the complete playlist under a cut, though I can't be sure that I have the last four songs in the right order, because I had stopped writing at that point...

  • The Storyman theme (The Storyman)
  • Where we will be going (Power of Ten)
  • One World (The Storyman)
  • The Storyman (The Storyman)
  • Sailing Away (Flying Colours)
  • The Traveller (Eastern Wind)
  • Spirit (The Storyman)
  • The Same Sun (Quiet Revolution)
  • The Mirror of the Soul (The Storyman)
  • Raging Storm (The Storyman)
  • A Spaceman Came Travelling (Spanish Train)
  • Spanish Train (Spanish Train)
  • The Leader (Into the Light)
  • The Vision (Into the Light)
  • In a Country Churchyard (At The End Of A Perfect Day)
  • Lonely Sky (Spanish Train)
  • Where Peaceful Waters Flow (The Getaway)
  • Borderline (The Getaway)
  • Leningrad (The Storyman)
  • The Grace Of A Dancer (The Storyman)
  • Love of the Heart Divine (Quiet Revolution)
  • Lady in Red (Into the Light)
  • Moonlight and Vodka (Man On The Line)
  • The Words "I love You" (The Road to Freedom)
  • Bal Masque (Timing Is Everything)
  • Living In The World (Quiet Revolution)
  • In My Father's Eyes (The Storyman)
  • Say Goodbye To It All (Into the Light)
  • Don't Pay the Ferryman (The Getaway)
  • The Snows of New York (This Way Up)
  • High on Emotion (Man On The Line)
  • Patricia The Stripper (Spanish Train)

    Here is a picture of the hotel where we stayed, only about 5 minutes walk from the NEC;

    and here are some more photos of Birmingham and Sheldon where we used to live.

    as you can see Birmingham is ready for Christmas, but I'm not!!!

    And here are a couple of photos of St Giles where we used to worship, and where we revisited this morning;

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