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It's later than you think!!

Unlike microjotz's neighbours, I have not yet started putting up my Christmas decorartions, however today I finally had to start thinking about Christmas cards and our Christmas letter. I now have the draft of a Christmas letter, and I have rescued my box of last years cards, also containing my address list, from the garage, so I'm nearly set, but there's lots of printing and writing and addressing to do in the next couple of weeks if I am to get my oversea cards away on time, and not much free time available to do it, especially as I still have my hymn project on the go, (300 done, 398 to go).

Today I also went to see Kathryn, and had a choir practice this evening. The choir is great fun as usual, I just love the opportunity to sing...

Tomorrow there is Little Fishes and housegroup, I might make some green playdough, and do more printing and typing and...
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