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I haven't posted for a few days, though I've been popping in and out, commenting here and there..

So what have I been doing all this time:

  • Prepared for the Organ Recital at St Marks Church, including printing loads of programmes and large print hymn sheets
  • Attended the above, which I really enjoyed, good attendance, lovely organ, well chosen programme of music and wonderful non-alcoholic punch which Kathryn made!
  • Printed sixty copies of our Christmas Newsletter
  • Posted more than 50 Christmas Cards off around the world
  • Had coffee with Mum and Kathryn, and went to Coffee Plus
  • Transcribed a load of lyrics off two old tapes
  • Edited and created a load of pages on Steve's website - still a bit more to do!!
  • Designed and printed some sleeves for CDs, while Ian created the CDs!!

I still need to:

  • Print some notices for choir next Tuesday,
  • Print a load of pictures I'm going to use to make Christmas cards(UK list!)
  • Edit a couple more webpages for Steve's site
  • Type a few hundred hymns...!
  • Organise Christmas cards for our Crosslinks mission partners for people to sign at Church tomorrow.

And I'm not even mentioning things like cooking meals, laundry and doing housework.... though there is plenty to do there too!!

Here are some of the images I'm using to make Christmas cards, they all come from handmade cards I created earlier in the year:

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