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Good report

Yesterday at school started with a very long assembly featuring among other things a three little pigs play by the five year olds. After that it was maths and reading. I popped up to GKP to see how things were going during lunch time then I had a Tournament of Minds session in the staff room at Stokes Valley. Then it was Study Centre where the kids took a long time to settle to their work. Then I left Study Centre and made a mad dash up to Avalon Intermediate for our ERO feedback. Of course have rushed like a mad hare I then had to sit around waiting for the ERO team who were late! Overall the review seems extremely positive though of course there will be some recommendations.
In the evening we all went up to Naenae Intermediate for the GKP Inventions Evening which was quite a successful with the boards and displays looking quite good and a good attendance.
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