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From the print shop

My house increasingly resembles a print shop, with leftover organ recital tickets and programmes from last Friday still hanging around, and Christmas cards and letters in various stages of assembly all around the living room, there are piles of printing everywhere! I will be really glad when they're all in the post and some semblance of normality returns!!! Though I have another upcoming large printing job involving cd sleeves coming up soon! - I don't learn do I?

In other news, I went to Little Fishes yesterday for the annual Christmas treasure hunt in church! It was lots of fun, Steve B valiantly explained the Christian message using a Christingle, despite a number of small people who only really wanted to know whether they could eat the lollies(sweets) off the christingle! In the evening we had a well attended prayer meeting in the church hall. Today I did some Christmas shopping in Birkenhead, and then went round to Mum's place for coffee. Right now I amd typing in the kitchen, (the living room being full of Christmas cards, envelopes, letters, cd sleeves, tickets etc etc). There is a chicken roasting in the oven, so it's warm and smells very good in here!!
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