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Well the Christmas card marathon is nearly over for this year, just a few addresses left to find and a few more stamps to buy and all the cards will be happily whizzing around the country and around the world, our annual effort to stay in touch with the people we love, scattered around the globe. Every year, as I sit surrounded by bits of cards, envelopes, letters, stamps address lists etc I wonder why I do it, and vow to make the list shorter and the process simpler next time. But I know I won't, because afterwards I'm always glad I've made the effort, and I so love receiving the various communications in return...

In the last few days I've done some more Christmas shopping, delivered about one hundred and eighty cards inviting people to our Christmas services at church, drunk lots of coffee with lots of people, now I need to sort the house out so that we can put the rest of our decorations and the Christmas tree up. As I have walked around the district over the past few days, I have been enchanted by the charm of a winter Christmas all over again, there is a strange pleasure in walk through cold, dark streets with lights twinkling all round and the distant strain of carols emanating from shops and houses - really magical somehow! The warmth is never so welcome as when you hands are numb with cold, the twinkling of lights never so enchanting as when there's darkness all around!
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