Viv (vivh) wrote,

Just finished writing the last of the Christmas cards, will be going out to post them shortly, then I'm off to Cheshire Oaks for some Christmas shopping. Later this afternoon I'll be going round to Mum's and a solictor is supposed to be coming so we can sign some papers.

Yesterday was Little Fishes Christmas Party, complete with Santa and heaps of food, very happy and joyful time. In the evening we were round at the Breeze's place for house group, which was a pleasant evening! Matthew has a day off exams today, and is making the most of it by still being in bed!!

There are a few busy days ahead with Carol Services and carol singing, and Christmassy gatherings, also need to brave the garage and find the Christmas decorations...but it's a lovely sort of busy, and it's great to hear every body's news as cards pop through the front door and emails pop into the inbox! Now, have I got enough wrapping paper??
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