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Christmas preparations

It's been a busy day. We were out early for a prayer meeting and then we went carol singing outside the supermarket in Higher Bebington then outside the one in Lower Bebington. It was very cold, but mostly dry apart from a brief shower of hail. I really enjoyed singing though, there were some people there from church, we also met the mother of one our friends from long ago, and caught up on a heap of news, as well as my maths teacher who used to live across the road from me when I was young. They are both wonderful ladies, still very active and involved in their communities, it was great to see them.

I also posted off a cd order, and bought some thank you gifts for tomorrows Carol Service on my way to Kathryn's for lunch. After lunch Laurence and I went out delivering leaflets in Cross Lane, before I headed off into Birkenhead to buy some more thank you gifts, and a few other things...

Meanwhile Ian and Chris headed off to Cheshire Oaks where Chris went to a party watching the movie Eragon and eating at Pizza Hut afterwards. Ian apparently went to see Casino Royale, while he was waiting. Matthew went to see Eragon too, but he went to see it in Birkenhead with his friends.

David managed to unearth the Christmas tree and decorations out of the garage, we haven't put them up yet, I think that will be tomorrow's job!! Lots of Christmas cards arrived today, including one from moth1, thank you!

Another busy day coming tomorrow with the Carol Service at Church tomorrow night!!
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