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Christmas Things

Sunday was really busy, there was a good crowd for the morning service which included a baptism, meanwhile, Sunday Club were having their Christmas Party in the hall. Back at Church in the afternoon for a practice followed by the Carol Service. It all went well, the Church was packed, and the music went smoothly. The highlight was the Hallelujah Chorus, we invited the congregation to join in, and they did, and it was amazing, really inspiring, just awesome!! Afternoon tea for the choir ended up being a bit like the feeding of the five thousand... six bags full of leftover food at the end, none of which I provided in the first place!!! So if any one has a use for a few dozen mince pies and an assorted selection of biscuits....

Yesterday was quieter but still busy, Ian signed off and then packed and went to London for the night. Julienne popped round for coffee and a clarinet!!! I went out and had lunch with Mum at the Merebrook and then went round to Angela's for coffee. I popped round to Mum's after that and yet another coffee. Then I came home, Matthew went out to his cell Christmas Party, I cooked tea and finally managed to get the Christmas trees and some decorations up!! Now I need to start wrapping presents....

Then I was out again in the evening, to a music practice for the Carol Service up at Townfield, this included mulled wine, a very civilised custom, if you ask me!!

Today I have an Asda order arriving, Angela is popping round, Ian is coming home, I'm hoping to go aned see Kathryn and Laurence, might wrap some presents, and another Carol Service in the evening, just in the congregation this time...
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