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Christmas - bring it on!

Well, I think I've finally got in the swing of the Christmas thing this year, I did a mammoth shop in Birkenhead today and all but finished my Christmas shopping, feeling suddenly inspired by gift ideas for people who had been "difficult" up till now. And luck was definitely with today, just as I was struggling in the china department of Beatties with about eight bags of goodies, Julienne spotted me from the cafe, so I went and had coffee with her and she looked after my bags while I finished my last bits of shopping, and then gave me a lift home, that was so helpful...

I've also managed to find good homes for a few of the boxes of mince pies which I acquired last Sunday, I'm down to a manageable number of them now...And I've made a load of gift tags today, the space under the Christmas tree is gradually filling up with presents...And the boys have finished school...I've got all my food in for Christmas, Asda sent a whole lot more sprouts than I ordered! (so if any one has any interesting "sprout" ideas...)

Lots of things to do and people to catch up with in the next couple of days... but all fun, so I'm letting myself start to feel excited!!!
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