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After all it's only 3 more sleeps till Christmas!

Today we all went into Birkenhead and the boys did all their Christmas shopping. I bought myself some new boots, and some new bags for the hoover!!

Since then I've tidied up a bit, Chris S has been round for coffee, and I wrapped more presents... it just seems to go on and on... I also started printing CD covers - lots of black ink, A3 paper, each one needs to be printed and dried separately!! So my bedroom is strewn with drying CD covers, ten done, only another forty to go!! I also managed to type some more hymns, despite the lack of sponsorship for this tedious task...

  • More wrapping
  • More tidying
  • More printing
  • More typing

Hoping to also find time to drink coffee, enjoy the company of family and friends and remember to defrost the turkey...
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