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Two sleeps...

I can see the dining room table! - only problem is that now it is clear the boys are playing chess on it! I can't see the floor under the Christmas tree any more - Mum's been round and delivered presents, we'll be going round to Angela's to do the same later!!! The turkey is dripping gently in the kitchen...

Matthew is going out to play football soon, I am going to go to the shops to buy some more bread and fruit.

There are freshly printed CD sleeves all over my bed, might do a few more soon!

I got some cards from Vanuatu and NZ this morning, one of them contained a very pretty brooch, which I'm wearing now!! Thanks natesmountain, thanks also to microjotz
whose card arrived a day or two ago!

Two more sleeps...Todays list:
  • wrapping - tonight...
  • tidying - going well!! - thanks David!!
  • printing - done, doing, more to do...
  • typing - will do, honest, I promise!!!

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