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I tried to get here to update this morning but LJ died on me.... So here I am trying again! As I type the printer is steadily producing CD covers, I've printed about 35 by now, they only print slowly, because the design has lots of black ink and needs lots of drying time for each copy, but I managed to wrap all my presents, tidy my wardrobe and some drawers while they have been printing, so it has been altogether very productive!!

Christmas Eve was very busy for us, with almost "wall to wall" church services through the day, though I did manage to get my turkey cooked and all my potatoes and vegetables prepared for Christmas Day in the few hours I was home during the afternoon. It was a particular delight to play at the Carol Service up at Townfield Church, I really enjoyed the whole thing, especially getting to know a few people up there a bit better and a chance to renew some old acquaintances. The music side of things was really fun too, a little chaotic at times, but great fun...

It was lovely to spend Sunday evening with Margaret before we headed off to church for the two late services! Margaret came back to our place for coffee afterwards too, so it ended up being quite a late night followed by quite an early start (6.20am)

Christmas Day started with the boys opening their stocking presents, then after breakfast we walked to church through Dibbinsdale (no trains on Christmas Day. The roads were really quiet at that time and it was a peaceful journey to church, I think that walking leaves you in a much better state of mind than any other means of transport, more thinking and talking time I guess!! Any way we arrived in good time and I played in music group which was lovely. Chris and Mike gave Ian and I lift back which was helpful because I could get the lunch cooking before Mum and Alison arrived.

When they came we opened all our presents and then had lunch. Lots and lots of nice presents and too much good food, followed by a relaxed and happy afternoon. We had a light tea before our visitors left, then the boys watched some of the DVDs they had got for Christmas while I came upstairs and printed covers and sorted clothes!

Today has been very relaxed too, with a later start and lunch at Mum's. The boys came home midafternoon but Ian and I stayed there until tea time. Still lots of sorting out to do here, but it will all keep until tomorrow!!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying whatever holidays they have...

I also added a couple of pages to my website today, here is one with a vaguely Christmassy theme (it is a song I wrote last week, words only there, though it does have a tune, just haven't got time to produce a midi file for it!! )
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