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This and that.

On Wednesday Mum and I went shopping at the sales and Mum bought bought me a couple of lovely tops from Beatties, I also got some jeans and a very cheap t-shirt at Marks, it was pure consumerism... but in my defence I don't do it very often...

On Thursday I restored the house to some semblance of order in the morning before Angela came round for coffee in the afternoon.

Yesterday, I went to Kathryn's in the afternoon for coffee and a chat, in the evening we were invited to drinks and nibbles at Upholland, Ann Renison's place on the outskirts of Willaston. The journey there was marked by a terrific thunderstorm, but once we were there, all was warm and cosy will mulled wine flowing freely, very pleasnat, and such a beautiful house.

In the background to all of the above, I have continued to battle the ever growing pile of laundry, print and chop CD sleeves and do logic puzzles (a christmas present) when I should have been typing hymns...

Today I need to shop for a couple of birthday presents and cards, tomorrow Ian is preaching at the 8am service, which will mean an early start...apparently we are invited to the Bazley's for breakfast after though, so that will be nice.
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