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Here I am sitting alone, the boys aren't up yet, and Ian left for work an hour ago, his first day... The house is quiet, the dishes are done the washing is in the machine...

I do still have lots to do, there are still CD sleeves to do, though I only have a few left to print now, and I've almost finished cutting the first album's sleeves to size. There are still plenty of hymns to type too. I hope to see Kathryn today, and maybe go to the sales with her, if she can manage it. We are out this evening too, having dinner at Margaret's to celebrate David Fox's birthday, which should be fun.

Yesterday was a quiet start to the year, we went round to Mum's for lunch which was nice, otherwise I printed and cut CD sleeves and generally pottered.

Other news: on Sunday they announced the appointment of our new rector, it will Philip Venables. He is currently at a parish in London, he is married to Caroline and has four children aged between about 11 and 20. They will come to Bebington in the Summer after their children have finished A'levels and GCSEs. That is good news, something to look forward to!!
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