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Only 7 sleeps!

It's only 7 days until Matthew and I will be heading off to the airport to start our trip to the UK. I'm really looking forward to it but have a huge amount to sort out before then, Tournament of Minds, school reorganisation meetings, youth planning meeting not to mention packing and planning for the trip itself! This weekend feels a bit like an oasis, the last quiet, relaxed space before I depart. Yesterday was very pleasant, did some work at home and then set off to town with Matthew, Chris, Scott and Imad. We had lunch at Burger King and bought a DVD which was on special which Ian wanted as his Fathers' Day present. Then we spent a few hours playing multiplayer games at i-play. I felt I acquitted myself well with 2 wins and only one loss.
In the evening Ian and I went to the Chinese restaurant in Silverstream for a church fundraiser, the food was good and the company was interesting so it was altogether a very pleasant evening. Today we have church and David has archery but otherwise we are relatively free of commitments so it will give me a chance to catch up on some of the things I need to do.
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