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What have I been doing?

I don't seem to have posted any thing here for a few days... so what have I been doing?

Well I've done all the normal stuff like Coffee Plus and church etc, I've done all the boring stuff like laundry and cleaning and cooking and washing up... I've typed more hymns, over 400 done by now. I've had coffee with lots of people too!

We've digitised a cassette and I've put the tracks up on Steve's website, though one of them doesn't work properly and I just can't figure out why... I've sent emails to a cd manufacturer and I've sent a cd to a cd manufacturer, and I've unsuccessfully tried to sort out some details on a form,(I'll phone again tomorrow...they didn't call back today when they said they would...sigh!) I've produced some pdfs of sheet music, and I've redesigned a couple of the pages of Steve's website, though they're not all on-line yet.

I've also booked a holiday in Italy with Mum in June and started thinking seriously about where else we might go this year...lots of ideas for that!!!

I think that sort of covers most of what I've done, oh I got some new shoes and boots too...
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